Don’t Tread On Me


What does Don’t Tread On Me mean?

Don’t tread on me is a famous quote from the iconic Gadsden Flag, which depicts a coiled rattlesnake on a yellow background, with the words written bellow him.

Today it is mostly associated with the Tea Party Movement as well as libertarianism.


What's the origin of Don’t Tread On Me?

The flag design comes from 1775, when it was used by the United States navy, fighting the revolutionary was against the Brits.

The name of the flag comes from Colonel Christopher Gadsden, who, upon inspecting the design, was instantly convinced about using it in combat.

Spread & Usage

How did Don’t Tread On Me spread?

Both the phrase “don’t tread on me” as well as the flag is closely associated with American patriotism, and military service.

“Don’t tread on me” is also the title of a Metallica song from the 1991 Black Album.

Since 2009, the Gadsden Flag is also closely tied with the Tea Party movement.

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