Embrace the Suck


What does Embrace the Suck mean?

Embrace the suck is a military term, in alignment with stoic, Buddhist, as well as Taoist philosophy.

It is utilized as a reminder to accept difficulties and hardships as they are and make the best of them, as they won’t go away by themselves.

Basically it is acknowledging the fact that life sucks dick and instead of fighting it or struggling against it, you should just make the best of it.


What's the origin of Embrace the Suck?

The phrase had been utilized in the military, since the last century, to help aspiring soldiers get through the challenges, they are facing day to day in the service.

In 2007 Austin Bay published a book, with the phrase given as a title.

The tome is a collection of military lingo and expression.

Spread & Usage

How did Embrace the Suck spread?

In 2008, Urban Dictionary had defined the term, letting internet people to learn the meaning of this funny sounding phrase and enabling them to use it to quench their thirst for memes.

In the second half of the 2010’s a couple of pictures started surfacing on the web, with the text “Embrace the succ” written on them.

One such instance is a deep fried meme of Jon from Garfield eating a deep fried chicken whole, with the text written right on the bird’s carcass.

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