What does Eroge mean?

An eroge is an erotic, Japanese video game.

Its name is a mix of “erochikku” – erotic, in Japanese – and “gēmu” – meaning game.

It can have any type of gameplay, but it always includes explicit sexual content. They often involve a visual novel or real-life dating simulation, but role-playing, mahjong and puzzle versions exist as well.

As according to Japanese law, genitals – even though they are drawn or animated – must be censored. The only uncensored versions come from specially licenced producers or outside of Japan.

The graphics is drawn in typical Japanese manga/anime style, with the cartoon characters having big eyes and untraditional hair colours and styles.

Eroge Players in a Nutshell


What's the origin of Eroge?

The eroge games was created in the early 1980’s, when the Japanese companies were competing with American microcomputers.

The first erotic computer game was released by Koei, a Japanese video game publisher, in 1982. It was called “Night Life”, and was an early adventure game with sexual images.

The same year, Koei released another eroge game, but this time it was a role-playing adventure called “Seduction of the Condominium Wife”.

Spread & Usage

How did Eroge spread?

Although manga, anime and eroge are usually created in Japan, they are a huge hit in the western world.

Sex attracts, and just like the sexual anime genre “hentai” is very popular, so is the interactive sexually exciting eroge games.

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