What does Esketit mean?

Esketit is a popular slang phrase, created and hyped up by rapper Lil Pump.

The phrase means “let’s get it” and is used as a catchphrase by the rapper, as well as encountered in various songs and YouTube remix videos.


What's the origin of Esketit?

The phrase first appeared in the 2016 song of Lil Pump; “Finesse the Pack” which was uploaded to YouTube on March 3rd, 2016.

Within the song, the term is heard as an ad-lib at the end of one of the lines; “Bitch you already know that I finessed the pack (esketit)”.

The video has over 4 million views as of September 25th, 2020.

Spread & Usage

How did Esketit spread?

Over the years, Lil Pump had embedded the phrase into the minds of everyone ever encountering him or his music.

“Esketit” appears in every context, related to Lil Pump and the word itself is defined on Urban Dictionary as “his favorite word”.

Following his rising prominence and success, the phrase had started appearing in memes and YouTube remixes, as well as Twitter posts and Reddit threads.

Lil Pump had further expressed his love for the term in 2019, when he published a song “Esketit”.

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