What does Freeballing mean?

Freeballing means going without underwear under ones pants.

The term mainly refers to men, as their balls – testicles – will just hang free, not being restricted by tight boxers or underpants.

It is synonymous to “going commando”.

Some do it because it feels more comfortable to not be restricted, some state that it is healthier and more natural.

The slang may also refer to bat sports, such as cricket, when a male batter does not use a box to protect his genitals.

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What's the origin of Freeballing?

Modern version of “going commando”.

Mix of the words “free” and “balls”, referring to letting the testicles (balls) hang loose, not restricted by underwear, but free.

Spread & Usage

How did Freeballing spread?

Most men has done Freeballing at some point in their life, whether it was because they forgot underwear, had no clean underwear, or just wanted to let the testicles hang loose.

“The Freeballers Forum” is an online forum exclusively dedicated to men who enjoy Freeballing.

Separate YouTube channels, such as “Freeballing Bulge Watchers”, are created for men and women who enjoy seeing videos of attractive men Freeballing, often wearing loose shorts or sweatpants.

It is a popular hashtag on instagram, and numerous images can be found online featuring attractive men Freeballing – made for the enjoyment of others.

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