What does Fursona mean?

Fursona refers to the anthropomorphic furry, animal personalities, adopted as a trend by many and more like a lifestyle by others, especially due to cosplaying.

The phenomenon is more and more widespread as people are exploring more and more unconventional way to break the norms of day to day life.



What's the origin of Fursona?

The term is constructed by the mixing of the words “fur” and “persona” resulting in “fursona”.

It’s first written appliance is in Zack Parsons’ book; Your Next Door Neighbor is a Dragon.

The author defines “fursuiters” as people, who dress to their furry persona, or fursona”.

Spread & Usage

How did Fursona spread?

The practice of wearing furry suits and even identifying as a fursona had spread since the start of the new millennium, notably due to the presence of events such as MidWest FurFest, which had grown notably since its launch in 2000, when only 473 attendants were present, in comparison to the 2019 one, where over 11000 people were participating.

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