What does Ganbatte mean?

Ganbatte is a Japanese word with a lot of meanings, depending on how the person says it or in what situation it is used, it can mean “do your best”, “don’t give up” or “go for it”.

It is usually a cheering word and is used for a person to encourage someone.


What's the origin of Ganbatte?

Ganbatte is a Japanese word which has been around since the invention of the language.

Its first mention probably dates to the creation of the first Japanese dictionary.

It’s dearly loved by the Japanese people their community where they try to live life with the mentality to never give up and trust themselves.

Spread & Usage

How did Ganbatte spread?

It’s a popular word and used many times in the Japanese culture due its positive meaning, to never give up no matter how hard it is what you are doing or how hard is a situation you are in, you should take the challenge and never give up.

They keep living with the word and its meaning in their minds, because they were raised with this mentality and have to keep up until the day they die.

This helps them to trust in themselves and their abilities to overcome everyday situations, which otherwise would seem impossible.

It is a very similar mindset to praying to a god, but in this case, you basically put your faith in yourself.

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