Glasgow Kiss


What does Glasgow Kiss mean?

The term Glasgow Kiss refers to a headbutt and is more often used in the UK. However, the slang has various different names according to Urban Dictionary.

Within Glasgow, the locals often use “Gorbals Kiss” rather than “Glasgow Kiss” because Gorbals is told to be the most dangerous area on the South Side of Glasgow.

But it goes deeper than that. In Gorbals they call it a “Crown Street Kiss”, and on that street people often refer to a headbutt as a “Number 73 Kiss”.


What's the origin of Glasgow Kiss?

The term spiked in its popularity as a meme when a video on Instagram went viral.

In the original video, a random British girl is having an argument, supposedly with her 12-year-old younger sibling.

The other person who is not shown on the video at all, clearly insulted her badly, therefore she is trying to get revenge.

In the midst of the video the famous line is finally uttered “What did you just say to me? What did you say to me? You wanna get a Glasgow Kiss?”, which she shouts in pure anger.

Spread & Usage

How did Glasgow Kiss spread?

The term has been around for a long time, even before the video existed, but as a meme “Glasgow Kiss” spread like a wildfire on the Internet after the video went viral.

Everyone went crazy about it on Twitter, and people started sharing their own context with the meme. There was even a Twitter thread about people realising what actually “Glasgow Kiss” meant all along.

Also, the artist John Petrucci in his 2005 solo album, Suspended Animation, gave the title “Glasgow Kiss” to one of his pretty famous songs.

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