What does Goob mean?

Goob, also known as Goober or Gooba is a soft and mildly endearing way of calling someone a dork or a nerd.

It refers to a person that is dumb and clumsy, but maintains enough of a character to be lovable for it.

Calling someone a “Goob” is more of a compliment than an insult, though calling a stranger a “total goob” could still result in a fist arriving in your face at a high velocity.

Like all insults, “Goob” is a mockery, your friends will allow you to make for the purpose of teasing, one must Read the Room to see if it’s appropriate to say.



What's the origin of Goob?

“Goob” is a term, that had been used in the 1800’s though at that time it referred to a peanut, although it then existed as “Goober” up until the 1980’s, when people became more eager to abbreviate it to its current length.

There is a link between being called dumb and being called a peanut head, that would later lead to the current application of the word.

“Goob” in its current form and meaning started emerging in the 1980’s, and spreading in the ’90’s.

Spread & Usage

How did Goob spread?

“Goob” retains several interpretations, ranging from a kiss, to a man’s best piece, to an immature person to a complete moron, all depending on the context.

It is a versatile term, as it is more of an onomatopoetic word, conveying more meaning through its sound that through its concrete reference, which results in the varying definitions, found on Urban Dictionary since 2004.

“Goob” appeared in several pop culture meda, including the 2007 Disney animation, Meet the Robinsons, where one of the pushover characters is called “Goob”.

The slang term also appeared as the title of the 2014 film, “The Goob”, featuring Liam Walpole as the protagonist.

Since May 8th, 2020 “Goob” had gotten an increased amount of attention, as rapper 6IX9INE dropped his massive hit; Gooba, shaking the pop industry.

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