What does Goosfraba mean?

Goosfraba is a traditional tribal term of Northern-American indigenous tribes, that is used in testious situations, with an aim to calm and ease the mind from stress and to prevent other negative effects.


What's the origin of Goosfraba?

The term originates from Inuit Eskimo tribes that are native to Alaska and the North-Eastern parts of Canada. Goosfraba is usually applied by parents to calm down children before bedtime, but in certain contexts it also can convey sex-related connotations as well.

Spread & Usage

How did Goosfraba spread?

Western culture adopted the term to common speech after the 2003 comedy movie Anger Management, featuring Jack Nicholson and Adam Sandler, was released and became widely popular in pop-culture during the 2000s. The movie had goosfraba as its signature catchphrase.

The first entry on Urban Dictionary, regarding goosfraba, was submitted by a user called Lenny in 2004.

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