What does Gorked mean?

Gorked refers to a slang expression, originating from medical jargon, referring to a person that is Crossfaded or even to one, that has just severely intoxicated themselves by a single substance.


What's the origin of Gorked?

It is unclear, whether “Gorked” derives from the medical slang term Gork, or vice versa, although both terms started emerging in the 1970’s in medical jargon, possibly as a result of an expressive coinage.

While “Gorked” refers to a patient that has been rendered incapable by a heavy dose of drugs, Gork is used for a patient, that has been immobilized by a certain medical condition or accident and is kept alive by artificial means.

Spread & Usage

How did Gorked spread?

“Gorked” spread rapidly in the final decades of the 20th century, gaining recognition across the entire United States by the beginning of the 2000’s.

It was first defined on Urban Dictionary in 2003, with several entries having been added in the subsequent years.

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