What does Grundle mean?

Grundle is an underground term.

So much so, that its definitions vary from person to person.

The most prevalent application of the term is used as a synonym for the perineum; the region between the genitalia and the anus.

In Utah it is a combination of the words group and bundle, resulting in the portmanteau in the title.

“Grundle” butter also refers to the slimy, juicy sweat that collects around the area of your perineum.


What's the origin of Grundle?

The origin of the term depends on its interpretation and context.

The most widely understood sense of the phrase started to appear in the 90’s, as peoples’ interest in the perineum grew with series, like Beavis and Butthead mentioning it and calling it clever names.

Spread & Usage

How did Grundle spread?

Urban Dictionary’s first definition on “grundle” came from 2003, and since then a literal plethora of entries had been written on the subject and about 90% of the articles differ in definition.

“Grundle” is a versatile term, with no clear definition or meaning, so it may be used with relative ease, though misunderstandings are more than likely.

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