Guess What Chicken Butt


What does Guess What Chicken Butt mean?

Guess What Chicken Butt is a classic rhyme-arific question-answer combo, especially used by children or people with infantile behavior, mostly for the laughs.

It may be simply used as an unexpected answer to the question of “Guess what”.

Other application of the chicken butt part may come as a quick comeback to a stupid question, without using the profane “bullshit”.


What's the origin of Guess What Chicken Butt?

The origin of the phrase is hard to trace, as it has been part of the infantile dictionary for quite a while, being one of the most used expression of toddlers and kindergarteners.

Several accounts trace the phrase to the middle ages, when merchants were advertising on the marketplaces, with clever rhymes, constructed of their products; chicken butt most likely referring to the chicken shoulder, sold by butchers.

Spread & Usage

How did Guess What Chicken Butt spread?

Humanity had been obsessed with rhymes since the dawn of time, and a good rhyme could get embedded into a culture for millennia, in the form of an idiom or a nursery.

Guess what, chicken butt is no different from this, having turned into a catchphrase of kids.

Some people connect the spread of the expression to George Gershwin’s Porgy and Bess, from 1935, in which the expression can also be heard, in a slightly different form.

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