Happy Turkey Day


What does Happy Turkey Day mean?

Happy turkey day is a slang expression for wishing friends and family a happy Thanksgiving in an unconventional manner, referencing the central highlight of the holiday; a turkey meal.


What's the origin of Happy Turkey Day?

Thanksgiving has been a national holiday in the United States since 1789, celebrating the first harvest of pilgrims in America in 1621.

The “First Thanksgiving” was celebrated as a festival for three days, attended by 53 pilgrims from Europe, as well as 90 Wampanoag tribesmen.

The first documented case of the phrase “happy turkey day” emerges in 1956.

Spread & Usage

How did Happy Turkey Day spread?

“Happy turkey day” has been in use for over half a century in America, mostly by fathers and grandfathers attempting to refer to the yearly holiday in a humorous and unconventional manner, jokingly expressing that the holiday doesn’t truly consist of anything but eating turkey.

“Turkey day” was first written about on Urban Dictionary in 2003.

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