What does Headass mean?

The term Headass is a generic insult on the internet used by the black community. It can mean dumbass, stupid or in some cases even ridiculous.

It is used as an insult for a situation that is stupid or to mock someone being uneducated.


What's the origin of Headass?

There is no information on the origin of the term Headass but since it is almost the same as the term Deadass it can be deemed that it was created by the Black community on the streets as a slang.

The term on the internet was once again popularised on the message board website Reddit where it has a dedicated subpage called /r/BlackPeopleTwitter for posting quotes and images from the social media site Twitter.

The term has started to become somewhat popular in 2016.

Spread & Usage

How did Headass spread?

The term Headass is mostly used as a street slang by the black community, which some white folk tried to pick up on, but never really rose in popularity like the similar term Deadass.

The black community has deemed the term as a cultural thing for them, hence people other people don’t really use it on the internet.

Most of the mentions of the term can be found on Twitter, Reddit and some pages on Facebook.

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