Hit a Lick


What does Hit a Lick mean?

Hit a Lick is a slang expression used when one acquires a large amount of money, either by doing some sort of illegal activity (i.e.: Robbing a bank) or by gambling or stocking.


What's the origin of Hit a Lick?

The meaning of the expression is associated with getting a taste of something in an instant, by a lick, for example a lollypop or an ice cream.

While the phrase was initially used for robbing, or hitting someone with a large amount of money, like a drug plug, or a liquor store, its meaning started to turn toward making a fortune through minimal effort, as it is with lottery and the stock market.

Spread & Usage

How did Hit a Lick spread?

The expression is heavily referenced in rap songs, from Yo Gotti’s “Cold Blood” to YG’s “Thank God” to the latest song associated with the phrase; the collaboration of 2Chainz, Kendrick Lamar and Pharrell Williams; Momma I Hit a Lick.

These songs are somewhat always pointing at the ancient wisdom of easy come and easy go though.

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