What does Honkwiching mean?

Honkwiching is an act between (usually) two bass instrument players, such as trumpeters or trombone players who place a sandwich inside of their instrument and then blow the sandwich out to the other person’s mouth to eat.

A lot of musicians wouldn’t admit doing this, but we can all be sure that almost every curious person who has a trombone or a trumpet, tried it already for fun. Because feeding into one’s curiosity is an ongoing trend.


What's the origin of Honkwiching?

While the exact origin of “honkwitching” is unknown, the term was certainly created in a rather urban environment of musicians.

As they spoke more of a language of their own, terms like “honkwitching” are often created out of the blue and then carried from a small group of people, to then a larger group until they end up being widely known due to the internet or other sources of media.

Spread & Usage

How did Honkwiching spread?

There are multiple platforms such as Reddit where you can read about the term in the form of subreddits. On Youtube and on Instagram there are videos and pictures too of people honking sandwiches into one and other’s mouth.

There are tweets about it as well, where people freak out about the fact this is an actual thing that musicians do. The first definition given to this term, and actually the only one on Urban Dictionary, was in 2017.

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