What does Hoopty mean?

A hoopty is a very shitty car.

It is usually a very old, worn out vehicle that shouldn’t be allowed to hit the road anymore because of safety hazard.

It’s paint job is bleak and from another era, and you will most certainly find it covered in rust.

In some cases, the “hoopty” needn’t be old, it is enough that it is really trashy.

The car itself wouldn’t look too bad in its original condition, but ratchet bumper stickers and fluffy dices makes it look cheap and rotten.

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What's the origin of Hoopty?

“Hoopty” or “hooptie” originally started out as “coupe d”, a common nickname for the Cadillac Coupe Deville in the 50’s.

However, back then it used to be a term of pride.

The term was made famous a couple decades later, by popular hip-hop artist Sir Mix-a-lot.

Spread & Usage

How did Hoopty spread?

“Hoopty” is generally used as an insult towards someone’s car, particularly when a person is really proud of a car they really should not be proud of.

Sir Mix-a-lot released several tracks including the slang term, one of them even being named “My Hooptie”.

In the recent online version of GTA 5, character “Simeon” gives you a mission that involves stealing and delivering a “hoopty”.

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