I Love You To Pieces


What does I Love You To Pieces mean?

I love you to pieces (or I love you to bits) is a metaphor for loving someone very much.

The expression suggests that we have positive emotions towards every aspect of another person, and there is not a single part of them that we neglect.

We can say that we love someone/something to pieces in a romantic way, to family members, and also to express our passion towards a hobby or activity.


What's the origin of I Love You To Pieces?

The exact origin of the expression is currently unknown. It is believed that the term was born as a derivative of another, similar expression: “I love you to death”.

Since the term is more frequently used in British English, we can also assume that it is of British origin.

The first instance of I love you to pieces appearing in print traces back to 1898, when the expression was featured in a magazine called The Epworth Herald.

Spread & Usage

How did I Love You To Pieces spread?

The expression has been frequently used to adore one another since the middle of the 20th century.

Over the years, British English became more and more prominent in its usage over American English.

Romantic songwriters often favor the expression to be the title of their tracks.

The latest of them is by Amanda Jordan, who released her single “Love You To Pieces” in 2021.

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