American Dad Speedrun


What does American Dad Speedrun mean?

American Dad Speedrun is the online trope of parody videos, which is making fun of video game speedrunners.

The videos depict “runners” who are acting as if though they are seeking and exploiting glitches in the intro of American Dad to “finish it” as quickly as possible, like speedrunners do with video games.


What's the origin of American Dad Speedrun?

“American Dad speedrun” first appeared in a YouTube video, uploaded by user Lyve on July 7th, 2019.

The uploader of the video states in the description that he is using a “floor clip glitch” to skip to the “hug your family” checkpoint.

Spread & Usage

How did American Dad Speedrun spread?

In the subsequent months, YouTubers started adopting the concept and several “American Dad speedrun” videos were uploaded, especially following September, 2019.

Commenters of these videos would often offer advice to the “runner” to exploit underlying glitches at some point of the series’ intro.

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