What does Amerimutt mean?

Amerimutt, also referred to as “Le 56% Face” is the moniker given to a popular illustration, aiming to depict the common mixed-race population of the United States, identifying as Caucasian.


What's the origin of Amerimutt?

The meme comes from aPot Calling the Kettle Blackscenario online, where 4chan users from the United States and Europe were arguing about immigration and ethnic composure.

“Amerimutt” was created by Europeans as a way to highlight the mixed-race population of the US, comprised of wasians, blasians as well as other mixed-race peoples, not to mention the ethnical mélange in “white” people living in America.

The illustration was first uploaded to 4chan’s /pol/ board on September 25th, 2015.

Spread & Usage

How did Amerimutt spread?

Starting in 2016, the expression had seen a growing popularity on various boards on 4chan, although the most popular of these remained to be the /pol/ board.

Image macros, paired with greentext stories and copypastas were rampant in the years to follow, all revolving around the arguments of ethnic unison – or the lack thereof.

The term “amerimutt” was first defined on Urban Dictionary on April 4th, 2018.

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