Asian Baby Girl


What does Asian Baby Girl mean?

Asian baby girl, abbreviated as ABG is a stereotypical expression for Asian girls, who love clubbing, dress eccentrically and spend their time with real or wannabe gangsters.

“Asian baby girl” could be interpreted in a pejorative way and a true ABG might either love you for calling her that, or claw your eyes out.


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What's the origin of Asian Baby Girl?

ABG was first defined as “Asian baby girl” on Urban Dictionary in 2011, however the expression has been around before that already, although its origins are unknown.

A popular genre built around the expression is “Asian baby girl” transformation videos, where Asian YouTubers record themselves morphing from a regular Asian woman to an ABG.

These transformations started emerging on YouTube in 2014.

Spread & Usage

How did Asian Baby Girl spread?

Following 2018, “Asian baby girl” transformations started seeing increased popularity on YouTube.

In 2019, posts about ABG starter packs started frequenting Reddit.

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