What does Awooga mean?

Awooga refers to an onomatopoetic slang expression, mimicking the howl of a wolf, or an old-school car horn, used for expressing a maddening desire directed toward a woman, that turns a man batshit crazy.

“Awooga” had appeared in numerous contexts and forms over the years, with many variations like “ahooga” or “aooga” getting dropped in copypastas or cartoons and films.



What's the origin of Awooga?

Most sources cite Tex Avery Screwball as the creator of “awooga” as the term may be heard in his 1943 animation, Red Hot Riding Hood.

In this modern reimagining of the classic story, the wolf is exclaiming the word madly after seeing an attractive Little Red Riding Hood performing on stage.

Since that time, “awooga” and its derivatives had appeared in numerous sources like animations and films, becoming the catchphrase of John Fashanu, host of the series Gladiators, with many citing him as the creator of the expression.

Spread & Usage

How did Awooga spread?

The first Urban Dictionary entry, containing “awooga” was written on July 12th, 2003, with many other definitions having been written since then.

“Awooga” became a popular sensation online, especially on social media sites, where men would spam various copypastas, containing the catchphrase under the photos of women.

These copypastas would grow rampant on sites like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, as well as Reddit and 4chan.

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