Big Mood


What does Big Mood mean?

Big mood is a new-wave internet phrase that could be most associated with youngsters that are part of gen Z.

It is an online term which is applied in situations where somebody finds a situation or a feeling familiar or relatable.

Big mood also serves as a foundation of several memes in internet popular culture.


What's the origin of Big Mood?

The term was invented onTwitter in 2015, when the term mood was already popular among African-American users.

The segment of the platform that is constituted by people who started to use the term is also known as Black Twitter.

Spread & Usage

How did Big Mood spread?

In 1997, a Deftones tune had already featured the phrase big mood in its lyrics, although it is unclear whether it had conveyed an identical meaning as the online term.

The term mostly circulated within the communities of Black Twitter from 2015, primarily as a tool to denote posts which are relatable, but eventually, big mood started to get a connotation of comic irony.

Big mood was added to Urban Dictionary in 2017.

From 2018, big mood was beginning to get used as a meme template, mostly on Reddit.

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