What does Binch mean?

Binch is a milder, less vulgar euphemism of “bitch”.

Some even consider it a playful version of the often used slur against women.

“Bitch” is often perceived as an insult, and has long been used to negatively describe someone, usually a woman.

However, in recent times, some has adopted the term as an endearing, inclusive name for a good female/gay friend.

Note: This only works if a woman, or a gay man says it about a friend.

The term is generally always negative when coming from a heterosexual man.


What's the origin of Binch?

“Binch”, along with “bish”, “biatch” and “betch” likely started out as a typo for the original “bitch”, and in 2011 it was first defined as an euphemism for “bitch” on Urban Dictionary.

It became popular on Twitter when the platform started hiding replies from users who wrote swear words and vulgar language.

Spread & Usage

How did Binch spread?

“Binch” is mainly used online and is to this day primarily seen on Twitter.

Its usage has grown gradually since its popularity burst in 2014, and is mainly used by teenagers and young adults.

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