Brad’s Wife


What does Brad’s Wife mean?

Brad’s wife is a term that refers to one of the more iconic moments of internet-trolling history.

The story includes the American casual-dining restaurant chain Cracker Barrel, and the outraged spouse of one of their former employees.

Upon the sudden sacking of said employee, the woman’s husband started waging a war on Facebook against the restaurant chain’s official page.

This somehow resulted in the involvement of thousands of random internet people, who all began to vouch (both ironically or genuinely) for the lady that got dismissed from her job.

Justice for brads wife


What's the origin of Brad’s Wife?

Bradley Reid Byrd (Brad) posted a long, thorough and fierce post on his own Facebook wall, in which he gave voice to his concerns towards Cracker Barrel, because of the way they suddenly let go of her wife (Brad’s wife) after spending 11 years at the company.

He also submitted several posts and comments on the official page of the chain, demanding answers to his problems.

Eventually, people took notice of this, and soon they started to flood the Cracker Barrel page’s every post with comments related to Brad’s wife.

Spread & Usage

How did Brad’s Wife spread?

The phenomenon received its first viral recognition after comedian Amiri King shed light on just how crazily people are getting involved in this mass-trolling.

Brad’s wife received insane media coverage in 2018. Among many others, The Washington Post, The Daily Mail, People Magazine all featured it in their articles.

A petition on was launched and gathered over 10.000 signatures to bring justice to Brad’s wife.

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