What does Broseph mean?

Broseph (also known as brosef) is a slang term and an alternative way to refer to a friend or comrade.

It is just another way of addressing your “bro”, with a funny touch.

The expression is especially applicable if you wish to call out to a friend who’s name is Joseph.

Needless to say, broseph is very informal and one should avoid using it in professional environments.

Online, the term is often associated with far-left political ideology. In those cases the term is sometimes used as “Broseph Stalin”.


What's the origin of Broseph?

The term originates from the merging of the word “brother” and the name “Joseph”. It is currently unknown who exactly came up with the expression. Google search data shows that the term started appearing on the Internet as early as in 2004.

Funnily enough, Broseph as a proper name can be found in many archaic manuscripts which are mostly Bible-related.

Spread & Usage

How did Broseph spread?

Broseph has been used since its early ages to address a partner in a comical, and sometimes cynical way.

The expression reached its popularity peak during the early 2010s, when it got featured in a series of “keep calm” posters and image macro memes about Stalin.

It was also featured in animated TV series Stoked.

One of the characters was named Broseph, who was given several personality traits of a typical “bro”, such as a cool attitude and owning multiple surfboards.

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