Bruh Moment


What does Bruh Moment mean?

Bruh Moment refers to the second in an uncomfortable situation when feelings of shame, disappointment, shock just rush you and all you can say is “brrrrhhhhh”.

It is quite similar to the expression Epic Fail, most often said by an observer, who heavily relates to the observed person.


What's the origin of Bruh Moment?

The first instance of Bruh Moment on the internet was seen in May 1st 2014, when a vine was published by Vine user CallHimBzar, featuring basketballer Tony Farmer faint momentarily in a court after being sentenced.

In that very moment, the vine has a dub cut in, saying “Bruh”.

The clip had received great popularity, as it was replayed and liked by a lot of watchers.

Spread & Usage

How did Bruh Moment spread?

The meme however had truly spread in 2018, when a shot of Tony Farmer in the moment of despair, paired with the text “Bruh Moment” had made its way to Reddit, iFunny, as well as Instagram.

The meme had received several edits, as users had put it on photoshopped images, usually hilarious face swaps.

Edits of clips with the Bruh sound effect also got popularized on Instagram, YouTube as well as iFunny.

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