Bubble Tea Challenge


What does Bubble Tea Challenge mean?

Bubble tea challenge, also referred to as Tapioca Challenge is a popular hashtag on Japanese Twitter, posted under pictures, depicting people or anime characters drinking bubble tea with no hands, while balancing it on their breasts.


What's the origin of Bubble Tea Challenge?

The challenge originates from a tweet by @hcupadman, posted on June 8th, 2019.

Along with the tweet, she shared two videos, where she is drinking a latte, while balancing it on her chest.

The tweets received a large amount of views, likes and retweets, setting the foundation for a Twitter trend.

Spread & Usage

How did Bubble Tea Challenge spread?

Two days after the original post by @hcupadman, @Strangestone shared an artwork, depicting a woman browsing her phone, while balancing a beverage on her bosom.

Following this artwork, Twitter was flooded with photos and artwork, combined with the hashtag “bubble tea challenge”.

These posts would continue to spread on Instagram and Reddit throughout the summer of 2019.

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