Can I Get a Hoya?


What does Can I Get a Hoya? mean?

Can I get a hoya? is a popular call and response phrase, frequent on TikTok, Instagram and YouTube videos, also appearing on GIFs.

While the exact meaning of the term “hoya” is unclear, some claim it to be a modified version of the phrases “hell yea” and “hooyah”, combined, while others say it is the imitation of a moan, let loose by a climaxing woman.


What's the origin of Can I Get a Hoya??

The exact origin of “can I get a hoya” is unknown, although several phrases can be named as predecessor of it.

“Hooah” or “Oorah” used to be a battle cry in the US Army, used for boosting morale and going to battle.

A similar rally call emerged in wrestling in the 1990’s, where Stone Cold Steve Austin would shout “can I get a hell yea?”.

Screaming hoya was a popular trend in Britain at the turn of the millennium, which set the foundation for the fad.

“Can I get a hoya?” was popularized in the 2010’s by Instagram influencer Alissa Violet in her videos.

Spread & Usage

How did Can I Get a Hoya? spread?

Over the years, “Can I get a hoya?” had become an online sensation, with countless Instagram videos, Vines and TikToks featuring the phrase in random public places, like airplanes, movie theaters and boats, annoying anyone unlucky enough to be around.

“Can I Get a hoya?” was first defined on Urban Dictionary in 2017.

On March 3rd, 2018, the metal song of the band SOYA, titled “Can I get a? (Hoya)” was uploaded to the YouTube channel Luke Harris, acheving great success online.

Parodies referencing the phrase also became popular in the late 2010’s, with videos mashing up the exclamation with Super Saiyan transformations from Dragon Ball Z.

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