Chupapi Munanyo


What does Chupapi Munanyo mean?

Chupapi munanyo (also known as muñañyo) is a textbook example of a made-up word that has no real meaning, but somehow managed to become a part of the internet’s slang stock.

Although it conveys zero actual connotations, chupapi munanyo is commonly used to confuse people, and is often associated with prank videos, mostly circulating on TikTok.


What's the origin of Chupapi Munanyo?

The term started to gain traction in 2020 on TikTok.

One of the earliest instants of the term being used was by the user jaykindafunny8, who video-taped going around fast food restaurants’ drive-thrus, attempting to order chupapi munanyo as a form of prank on the employees.

Spread & Usage

How did Chupapi Munanyo spread?

Jaykindafunny8 later continued to produce prank videos of similar fashion on TikTok, and eventually became the self-proclaimed “CEO of chupapi munanyo”.

His hashtag #muñañyo has generated a whopping 4 billion collective views since 2020.

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