Deepwater Jew


What does Deepwater Jew mean?

A deepwater jew is a modern mythical creature, whose description largely resembles that of the reptilians who, according to conspiracy theorists, are running the world from the backstage of politics and the financial scene.

A “deepwater jew” is different from a regular, humanoid Semite in the fact, that it is covered in slippery scales, breathes through gills and stores its riches underwater.

Deepwater Jew. from r/Tinder


What's the origin of Deepwater Jew?

The phrase first appeared on the site SomethingAwful, in its so-called “Fur Trapper Saga”, from 2007.

The article in question revolves around the description of superhuman strengths and capabilities of fur trappers, including the ability to beat people and creatures of extraordinary physique, like a Turk, a Pigmy or a rare “deepwater jew.”

Spread & Usage

How did Deepwater Jew spread?

One user on Tinder took the entire paragraph from the fur trapper article and integrated it into his own description, to the great joy of future memers.

When the dwellers of the internet discovered the profile in 2017, they uploaded the screenshot of the profile to pages, such as Reddit, Imgur as well as other meme sites, including 9GAG.

This great attention had put the “deepwater jew” in the spotlight, leading to several online dictionaries attempting to define the term, including Urban Dictionary, where the first entry on the subject was uploaded in 2019.

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