Friendship Ended with Mudasir


What does Friendship Ended with Mudasir mean?

Friendship ended with Mudasir is a phrase, taken from a Facebook post by Pakistani government worker Asif Raza Rana, who announced the cessation of friendship between him and Mudasir with an image.

The post served as the template for many parodies, that depicted real life and fictional characters “breaking up” with their friends.


What's the origin of Friendship Ended with Mudasir?

Asif Raza Rana posted the photoshopped image on Facebook on September 13th, 2015, announcing that his friendship had ended with Mudasir Ismail Ahmed and that his new best friend would be Salman (whose hand he is shaking on the picture).

The post has garnered a lot of attention and reactions on Facebook, reaching over 10,000 reactions and shares.

Spread & Usage

How did Friendship Ended with Mudasir spread?

A screenshot of the post was quickly posted on the subreddit r/indianpeoplefacebook, where it gained great popularity.

Thousands of people would follow the plot, as Rana explained the reason for ending the friendship in a tweet, telling that Mudasir reported one of his pictures.

The two would reconcile on October 16th, 2015 as shown in the image where they are shaking hands below the caption “Friendship regain with Mudasir”.

“Friendship ended with Mudasir” would be a format to remain, however, as posts kept emerging on Tumblr, Imgur and Reddit.

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