Gawk Gawk


What does Gawk Gawk mean?

Gawk gawk (also known as gluck gluck Gawk Gawk 3000) is a term referring to a certain technique applied during erotic oral intercourse.

It is both used as an expression and as the theme of several memes on the internet. As an expression, we can usually encounter gawk gawk on TikTok and generally in Gen Z lingo, whereas as a meme, it usually occurs in image macro or copypasta formats.


What's the origin of Gawk Gawk?

The phrase comes from the imitation of the sound that the giver’s mouth creates during the given action during the oral intercourse.

It is currently unknown who was the initial inventor of the phrase. Gawk gawk started to appear in online communities by the end of 2016.

Spread & Usage

How did Gawk Gawk spread?

Google search data shows a great increase of the phrase’s popularity from early 2020. This is when image macros started to surface on various Instagram meme sharing pages.

The expression also appeared and became an iconic element of an episode of podcast Call Her Daddy in 2021.

There are also various TikTok trends appearing from time to time on the platform, which revolve around the gawk gawk joke.

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  1. The term did NOT initiate with these ladies! It was from the song ‘ First of the Month’ by Bone, Thugs and Harmony from the late 90s.


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