Gawk Gawk


What does Gawk Gawk mean?

Gawk Gawk (also known as Gluck Gluck 9000) is a popular online expression, referring to a special and effective method used in an erotic oral intercourse.

The phrase itself is mimicking the gagging sounds of deepthroating.

It may be encountered both as a standalone expression, used synonymously to sucking D, as well as the topic of countless image macro memes online.

“Gawk Gawk” is often seen in reaction memes, GIFs, as well as TikToks, as it is a favored topic of Gen Z.


What's the origin of Gawk Gawk?

Although the exact origin of “Gawk Gawk” is not known, it has been a frequently mimicked sound among teenage boys for ages. This became more prevalent with the availability of the internet and the plethora of films, depicting an intimate moment between a man and a woman.

The term itself began appearing in online communities in 2016, especially on sites like 4chan, Reddit, as well as YouTube and Instagram.

Its variant, Gluck Gluck 9000 was coined by two girls in their podcast, Call Her Daddy in 2018, turning it into an even more popular meme on the web.

Spread & Usage

How did Gawk Gawk spread?

The onomatopoetic term began gaining even larger popularity in 2020, being the topic of reaction images and GIFs on sites like Instagram, Reddit, while also appearing in YouTube meme compilations, as well as TikToks.

The Call Her Daddy podcast also endorsed the phrase, turning it into a staple of their brand, referencing it throughout several of their episodes.

“Gawk Gawk” remains a popular topic online, up To This Day, appearing on social media sites, as well as meme pages and groups, retaining a prominent position among countless communities on the web.

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