What does Globohomo mean?

Globohomo is a relatively new expression coming from the people, that represent the Alt-Right movements.

The term is used to describe the globalization and homogenization of cultures and countries, and is used in a mocking way, stating that a “globohomo” world would be boring and unlivable, as a globalized culture takes away the small differences and nuances, that form the identities of cultures.


What's the origin of Globohomo?

The term appeared on the internet in late 2017, though it is hard to pinpoint the exact location of the first application, as it is still relatively unknown.

It is especially encountered on various Alt-Right forums and discussions, as well as memes.

One earlier example of the term appearing in a meme was in 2017, during the “dam edit” trend.

One of these dam edits is depicting Iran being protected by headscarves from “globohomo”, feminism, cultural destruction and a satanic music industry.

Spread & Usage

How did Globohomo spread?

“Globohomo” was defined on Urban Dictionary in 2018, approached from both sides.

One definition is describing the term from the Alt-Right perspective, going in deep to the meaning of the term, while the other summarizes it broadly as a “jargon.”

The expression is especially seen and used on forums and message boards, such as Reddit or 4chan.

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