Guys Only Want One Thing


What does Guys Only Want One Thing mean?

Guys only want one thing refers to a tweet, that says “Guys literally only want one thing and it’s f-ing disgusting”.

Online, the original tweet is usually paired with various humorous pictures, that depict common desires of men.

Guys only want one thing, Monster Insurgent truck


What's the origin of Guys Only Want One Thing?

The original tweet was posted on Twitter by user @ashcammm on October 22nd, 2017.

People immediately started posting jokes and humorous responses to the post.

Spread & Usage

How did Guys Only Want One Thing spread?

The “guys only want one thing” needed two weeks after the initial post was published, before it would become a popular meme on Twitter.

People would combine the tweet with a variety of humorous images in their own tweets, as well as other sites.

The meme format would spread on to other sites, such as the countless subreddits of Reddit, as well as Facebook and Instagram.

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