What does Husbando mean?

Husbando is the word for husband (obviously) in the weeaboo language.

A weeaboo is any person that is not of Japanese ethnicity, that is obsessed with Japanese culture, such as anime and manga, Japanese language etc.

It is the word husband so-called “weeaboo-fied”, similar to how the English word “wife” became weeaboo word “waifu”.

A Husbando is referred to as an attractive, fictive male character in an anime, manga or video game that is considered husband material.

It is pronounced something along the lines of “whose-band-oh”.

My new husbando


What's the origin of Husbando?

The word was made up by weeaboos, Japanese culture fanatics, that don’t necessary actually understand Japanese language, but want to “Japanize” English words to feel more part of the culture.

“Waifu”, the weeaboo word for “wife” came first, but seeing the need for a male version, Husbando soon followed up.

Spread & Usage

How did Husbando spread?

The term is mainly used by Japanese culture fanatics – weeaboos – when referring to attractive male anime/manga characters.

On the internet you can find quizzes and tests such as “Who is your best Husbando?”, and reviews with “Top 10 Anime Husbando’s”.

YouTube video’s reviewing the best Husbando’s are also a common sites, and the term is often used in meme culture by anime fans.

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