If I Eated Soap


What does If I Eated Soap mean?

If I eated soap is a popular nonsensical phrase, used as a copypasta on social media.

The full text, which goes “If I eated soap. I dont eat it bc I did. No I didn’t <3.” is used mostly in a sarcastic manner as if it were an inspirational quote.

If i eated soap. I dont eat it bc i did. No i didnt ❤️


What's the origin of If I Eated Soap?

“If I eated soap” originates from a now suspended Twitter account, @thatheartselena who first tweeted it on January 27th, 2018.

Screenshots of the original tweet would spread on various humor sites like iFunny, despite her account having been suspended.

Spread & Usage

How did If I Eated Soap spread?

The expression was further popularized by Lati K, who would post it along with her pictures and tweets, which would spread to Reddit and iFunny.

“If I eated soap” would start appearing as captions on various image macros, depicting models and celebrities, predominantly on Twitter, iFunny, Reddit, Imgur and Facebook.

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