What does Incel mean?

Incel is the combination of the words involuntary and celibacy, and is used to coin the subculture of online virgins who blame women on not getting that juicy pussy.


What's the origin of Incel?

Funnily, a term was created by a woman, who was looking for a more subtle way to say “lonely virgin”.

She then ended up with the idea; “involuntary celibacy”.

She then created a project and created an email list of members, giving it the title INVCEL, which transformed into incel for the ease of pronunciation.

It grew quite well, though its population was mainly male.

Spread & Usage

How did Incel spread?

A few years into the project, Alana, the creator of the incel community, had left it and lost contact, only to find the whole thing entirely transformed in 2014.

In 2013, the subreddit r/incel was launched, where people were spilling all their hatred for women, originating from their sexual frustration.

Some people went as far as to praise rape and violence against women, which led to the ban of the group in 2017.

The group had transformed from a place where people may share their frustrations and struggles to a misogynistic group that had been associated with two acts of terror, including the deaths of more than a dozen people.

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