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What does Kazoo kid mean?

Kazoo Kid is one of those internet memes that has managed to transcend its humble beginnings and become a genuine pop culture phenomenon.

The “Kazoo Kid” has become emblematic of the joy and innocence of childhood, as well as the power of the internet to spread culture. He has also been used as an example of how a simple act can be blown out of proportion and become famous.

The original video, which features former child actor Brett Ambler enthusiastically playing a kazoo with other kids, was widely circulated online after an edited version was submitted to YouTube in late August 2014.

Kazoo Kid (Brett Ambler) Now


What's the origin of Kazoo kid?

It all started with a children’s show called Special Friends back in 1989. On the show, there was a segment called “You On Kazoo” where a young boy and other children played the kazoo. Then, on March 24th, 2011, YouTuber Jim VanBlarium uploaded a clip of that episode onto YouTube.

The video didn’t start getting popular until August 25th, 2014, when the Dead VCR YouTube channel uploaded an edited version of the clip. Within two years, that video had amassed over 500,000 views and 2,200 comments.

And that’s how the “Kazoo Kid” meme was born! These days, you can find all sorts of videos and remixes featuring the “Kazoo Kid”, including a 10-hour version that’s sure to drive you insane.

Spread & Usage

How did Kazoo kid spread?

“Kazoo Kid” meme began spreading in late October 2015 and has since become a sensation on the internet.

The original “You On Kazoo!” video was posted to Reddit by u/mikesicle, which then led to Soundcloud user Florian Olsson uploading a techno remix featuring audio from the original video.

YouTuber Grant Gustin then uploaded a YouTubepoop edit of the “You On Kazoo” video on November 5th, which only added to the spread of the meme.

Finally, on November 24th, YouTuber Gumble Dog uploaded an edited version of the “You On Kazoo” video that featured a voice saying “let’s do acid” followed by techno music. This last version is perhaps the most popular, as it has led to numerous other editing versions being created and uploaded across the internet.

On December 27th, 2015, Brett Ambler revealed his identity as the “Kazoo Kid”, after a photo of him was circulating online, with the title “Kazoo Kid Now”.

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