What does Lit mean?

Lit is a slang expression, with possibly the longest lifespan, reoccurring in the lingo since the 1950’s.

It’s current meaning states something as cool or fashionable, but it may also be used to signify intoxication or even excitement.

“Lit” is a multi-purpose word, that can be applied in all the different contexts and situations.


What's the origin of Lit?

Originally, “lit” was used in the 1950’s and 1960’s to refer to the so-called “sweet spot” of intoxication among jazz musicians, in which state they were drunk enough to be relaxed and calm, so that they could play better, but not wasted so much as to not being able to properly play the instrument, due to the deterioration of motor skills.

Spread & Usage

How did Lit spread?

Over the years of use, though the meaning of “lit” had shifted from intoxicated into exhilarating, exciting and cool.

The term appears in various contexts, including the recognizable ad-libs of rapper Travis Scott “It’s lit”.

“Lit” is also used for being intoxicated by stoner groups, referring to lighting the joint, thus getting themselves blazed.

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