Mike who cheese hairy


What does Mike who cheese hairy mean?

The purpose behind the joke Mike who cheese hairy is to make a person read the phrase off of a paper and then wait until they realize what they are actually saying out loud.

After a while, they would realize that if they say the phrase multiple times, it sounds like they say “my coochie is hairy”.

The joke was popularized by the insanely famous video-sharing social networking service, TikTok.


What's the origin of Mike who cheese hairy?

As it was mentioned before, the joke was popularized by the mobile app, TikTok. The original video was uploaded by a user named meli_a on the 22th of April in 2019.

After the video was posted of a guy reading the phrase out loud, without him realising what he is actually saying, the video quickly went viral.

Spread & Usage

How did Mike who cheese hairy spread?

In 2019, “mike who cheese hairy” became a trend on TikTok as soon as the original video gained more attention.

Now, on Youtube, there are many compilation videos of the so-called prank of people making fun of their friends or family members (as of 8.19.2020).

The phrase received so much recognition that now “mike who cheese hairy” merch is available too. You can purchase mugs, posters and shirts with the caption on them.

“Mike who cheese hairy” also earned its first Urban Dictionary entry on the 1st of January 2018.

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