No Fun Allowed


What does No Fun Allowed mean?

No fun allowed refers to a popular internet expression, mostly prevalent on message boards and forums.

It is used for satirizing users who are rigidly clinging on to the original subject of a thread, and who are frequently calling out users not to stray from the topic at hand.

No Fun Allowed


What's the origin of No Fun Allowed?

Online, the phrase is closely associated with the 1993 Sonic the Hedgehog book, “Sonic’s Shoes Blues”.

The book features a SWATbot setting up a sign, saying “no fun allowed”.

Spread & Usage

How did No Fun Allowed spread?

An early archived case of the image, depicting the SWATbot with the sign can be tied to an October 16th, 2008 post on 4chan’s /jp board.

In the 2010’s, the phrase as well as the image macro had spread on to numerous forums and message boards, like Newgrounds Forums.

Over the years, several variations had been uploaded to the web, featuring various fictional characters with the original sign, saying “no fun allowed”.

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