What does Noice mean?

Noice is a nice way of expressing approval and an additional load of joy, while also mimicking the British and Australian accents, where the “I” sound begins with rounded lips in several words, such as nice.

Noice can also be used to be associated with bro culture that is all about getting wriggity-wrecked and is the most widespread across the alcohol-soaked wastelands of the universities.


What's the origin of Noice?

The expression, in its form has been used for a long time, ever since Charles Dickens, who wrote “noice” in some works of his, notably in scenarios, where the speaker’s accent had to be emphasized.

The word has also been a huge part of the internet, since the early 2000’s. It appeared on sites, such as Urban Dictionary, Wiktionary and 4chan.

Spread & Usage

How did Noice spread?

Noice has truly taken over the internet in the 2010’s. First in 2013 the comic duo, Key and Peele released a skit video, titled Nooice.

The true breakthrough has occurred, however, in 2015, when a video of British author, Michael Rosen, saying the magic word, in a hilarious kid’s poem, Hot Food.

Following the spread of the video, truckloads of gifs and memes were born from the video, setting a foundation for noice amongst the most legendary memes of the internet.

External resources

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