Outlet challenge


What does Outlet challenge mean?

Outlet challenge is an internet phenomenon, similar to the Ice Bucket and Mannequin challenges in the aspect that people call each other out to perform the feat.

Outlet challenge however is more similar to the Tide Pod phenomenon of the internet, seeing how both of the trends are incredibly dumb and life threatening, but highly amusing to watch for an outsider.

The challenge itself consists of plugging in a phone charger’s brick part into an electrical outlet – hence the name – and dropping a piece of change on it, resulting in a sparkling reaction between the two metals.

Lucky for us, the phenomenon acts as a modern form of evolutionary selection, as specimens dumb enough to perform the task are usually rewarded with an electric shock or with a beautiful bonfire, engulfing the place they called home a few moments ago.


What's the origin of Outlet challenge?

Outlet challenge started out in January, 2020 on the newest pit of social media; TikTok, where people have been performing crazier and crazier tasks, ever since YouTube banned extremely dangerous challenge videos a year before.

Spread & Usage

How did Outlet challenge spread?

TikTok is the newest lovechild of internet and boredom, so random and stupid trends spread on this surface, like the wildfire in Australia.

Already several people have tried and got away with the Outlet challenge, but the phenomenon started to really take off, when it started to end in unexpected and destructive ways.

Several news sites have discussed the challenge being dangerous and the new stupid obsession of the youth.

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