Pain Olympics


What does Pain Olympics mean?

Pain Olympics refers to a viral shock video on the internet, titled BME Pain Olympics: Final round.

The film is not for the faint hearted; it mainly contains genital mutilation and various forms of self-harm and quite a bit of blood.

The video itself is fake, filmed with special props, as signaled on the end of the original one.

Unfortunately the other versions’ uploaders liked to remove this text, leading many to the belief, that the footage is real.

“Pain Olympics” is also an every year event, filled with people with extreme body modifications.

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What's the origin of Pain Olympics?

The term “Pain Olympics” is believed to have originated from the Body Modification Enzine (BME) community, a subculture of individuals who engage in extreme body modifications such as piercings, tattoos, scarification, and amputations. BME was founded in 1994 by Shannon Larratt, who also created the infamous video and the first “Pain Olympics” convention was held around 2002.
A few years later, Shannon Larratt shared a video online, also titled “Pain Olympics.”

The video itself depicts two men engaging in what can only be described as self-mutilation. It contains two entries, both mutilating their genitals. One of the men is shown performing this act of self harm using a knife, while the other is handling a hatchet. The footage is incredibly graphic and disturbing, and has been widely condemned by medical professionals and mental health experts.

Despite its controversial nature, “Pain Olympics” has become something of an internet legend. It has spawned countless parodies and imitations, as well as numerous urban legends about its origins and participants.
The original video featured a disclaimer at the end, stating that the depicted scenes are not real, instead they were replicated using professional tools. This, however, is often removed from the copies found online.

Spread & Usage

How did Pain Olympics spread?

The shockingly naturalistic realization of the film led to the spread of it on the internet, with popular online personas like Joe Rogan discussing it.
Several sites reuploaded the video for the sake of viewers and visitors.

Due to the shocking and graphic nature of the footage, it is hard to find online.

“Pain Olympics” became one of those internet phenomenon everyone is afraid to Google, along with Blue Waffle and 2 Girls 1 Cup.

The phrase was also elevated to an idiomatic level online, with countless videos being shared on sites like YouTube and lately TikTok, depicting various stunts and pranks, resulting in pain, all titled “Pain Olympics.”

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