Pain Olympics


What does Pain Olympics mean?

Pain Olympics refers to a viral shock video on the internet, titled BME Pain Olympics: Final round.

The film is not for the faint hearted; it mainly contains genital mutilation and various forms of self-harm and quite a bit of blood.

The video itself is fake, filmed with special props, as signaled on the end of the original one.

Unfortunately the other versions’ uploaders liked to remove this text, leading many to the belief, that the footage is real.

Pain Olympics is also an every year event, filled with people with extreme body modifications.


What's the origin of Pain Olympics?

Both the video and the festival is associated with BME, short form Body Modification Enzine.

The festival is hosted every year, since 2003, where people may flesh their craziest body mods and piercings.

The video was created by Shannon Larratt and surfaced on the web in the mid 2000’s.

Spread & Usage

How did Pain Olympics spread?

The shockingly naturalistic realization of the film led to the spread of it on the internet, with personalities like Joe Rogan discussing it.

Several sites reuploaded the video for the sake of viewers and visitors and because the footage itself is so intense, that it has been removed from most sources and it is quite rare today.

Pain Olympics became one of those internet phenomenon everyone is afraid to Google, along with Blue Waffle and 2 Kids 1 Sandbox.

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