Pen Island


What does Pen Island mean?

Pen Island is an unfortunate name for a company, whose domain is We can all see how that can be a problem, since most people first read “penis land”.

Ever since its discovery, Pen Island has been an ongoing joke on the internet, even becoming an alternate way of spelling penis land.

Fun fact: There really is a Pen Island existing, near the coast of Canada, in the Nunavut territory, though unfortunately this landmass doesn’t nearly represent a male reproductive organ…


What's the origin of Pen Island?

The joke has lived on ever since the early 2000’s.

Its first entry was added to Urban Dictionary in 2004, which did not help the reputation of the company, but rather spread further the joke, with several other, more descriptive and humorous definitions added throughout the years.

Spread & Usage

How did Pen Island spread?

The phenomenon had peaked when the Uncyclopedia page was made about it, describing Pen Island as an existing and real landmass, near the coast of Africa, with phallic flora and fauna, as well as natural rock formations occurring on the island.

Since the 2010’s several Reddit threads have been circulating around this legendary, yet mysterious place on earth, whose reputation and fame is now equal – if not greater – than of the mythical Atlantis.

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