Rules of the Internet


What does Rules of the Internet mean?

Rules of the Internet refers to a list of regulations and agreements between users, who associated themselves with the online group, Anonymous.

The list has many links and references to the imageboard site, 4chan.

The rules have many variants, drafts and editions, so their number is different from document to document, site to site, however, there are some rules that are agreed upon by most people.

Let’s all take a moment and remember the rules of the internet


What's the origin of Rules of the Internet?

The “Rules of the Internet” are not laws to be enforced, rather they are references to pop culture, guidelines as well as inside jokes.

The rules were first published online on the satirical wiki site, Encyclopedia Dramatica in 2006.

These eighteen rules, however were debated by many and were archived on January 10th, 2007.

Another list, consisting of 50 rules emerged on 4chan in the same year.

Spread & Usage

How did Rules of the Internet spread?

A wiki-like website was launched in late 2007, for listing all the “Rules of the Internet”.

The rules appeared on Urban Dictionary in 2008.

The “Rules of the Internet” remain a popular concept among users, who are referring to these guidelines and jokes up to this day, as of March 20th, 2021.

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