What does Shucks mean?

Shucks can be either used in a positive context to express modesty or in response to getting a compliment and in a negative context to express disappointment or embarrassment.

Often used instead of swearing.


Ah Shucks! I missed my train!

Aww, shucks, Bob, you didn’t have to go so far to buy me a present.


What's the origin of Shucks?

The term “shucks” being used as an interjection has been used since the 1800s and it is thought to be originated in the U.S.

The very meaning of the word “shuck” is to remove an outer covering of something, for example the husk of corn.

Its secondary meaning “something worthless” “shucks” appeared in written sources in 1847 and was used in expressions like “That ain’t worth shucks”.

“Aw-shucks” has been used as an adjective with the meaning “unsophisticated, bashful” since the 1930s.

Spread & Usage

How did Shucks spread?

Throughout history, the term “shucks” was the most popular from 1900-1944 and then went out of fashion, as long as 1995 when it started to become widely used again, most probably as a result of the internet and different social media platforms.

The first post written of “Aw, shucks” on Urban Dictionary was posted on November 8, 2005.

Many memes were created with the caption “Aw, shucks”, and some Oyster Bars have chosen this expression as sort of a pun name.

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