Sky Daddy


What does Sky Daddy mean?

Sky Daddy is a Gen-Z TikTok slang that is used to refer to God in a derogatory manner.

It can be used in context with any religion’s god, however, originally it was used to regard the god of Christian belief by atheist people on the internet.


What's the origin of Sky Daddy?

As a popular term, sky daddy appeared in an argument between two ladies. This argument was then uploaded on the internet as part of a TikTok video, by user loveurmother in November 30th, 2021.

The argument took place between a pro-abortion and an anti-abortion woman in front of an abortion clinic. The short video basically consists of the pro-choice activist making her points, arguably in an insulting way, possibly as a result of the heated conversation.

At the end of the video, the pro-choice lady utters the following: “…they’re making the best decision that they can in their situation and you’re trying to make them feel bad about it. So go off, Jennifer. Is that the validation you want from sky daddy?”

Spread & Usage

How did Sky Daddy spread?

The term has become a TikTok trend not long after the original video’s upload with many people lip-syncing to the video’s audio or just generally referring to God as sky daddy.

As a meme, sky daddy also started to spread on Twitter from December 2021. On November 30th, 2021, pop-musician Cray tweeted the following regarding the phenomenon:

‘Forever calling God “ sky daddy ” now’.

The tweet generated over 2 thousand likes and more than 130 retweets.

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